Tips to Prepare Your Home For Resale! | DENISE FRANKLIN

Preparing Your Home for Resale

  Getting Started....

  • Sort one room at a time. Divide items that you wish to donate to a charity and items that are meant for trash. Then, further sort the trash into recyclable or hazardous waste. Doing the responsible thing is the best decision for everyone. Make a pile of what you can sell either in a garage sale or contact an auction company who will write you a check and  haul it away. If you are unable to handle strenuous labor, there are companies that will help with the waste removal, recycling, and charitable delivery for a charge. 1-800-GOT-JUNK is a great help!
  • Pack up most knick-knacks, personal pictures and valuable objects.
  • Lock up medications, jewelry, credit cards and bills in a private place for security sake. It’s just better to remove temptations and keep your family safe from theft.
  • First impressions are important, so the yard should be at it’s best. If some one likes the house they will walk around the whole property. Stashing junk on the side of the home or in the backyard will work against you. Moving can be costly, so if it’s junk get rid of it.
  • Paint the front door and install new hardware. It makes a great first impression. Also, keep the sidewalks cleared and well lit, especially in bad weather.
  • A Pre-Inspection is a seller’s tool to be really competitive.  While some people cringe at the expense, it usually pays for itself in “Peace of Mind “ for both the buyer and the seller. Too often, surprises happen when a contract is negotiated and inspections occur. Repairs are sometime under-estimated or over estimated and the inflated costs either comes off of the selling price or are paid out by the seller.  

 By having a pre-inspection, a seller can have confidence in the Seller’s Disclosure. I recommend the seller's attach reciepts for repairs to the report to prove that you are offering the house in the best possible condition.

Why have a Pre-Inspection?

  • Overcome buyer's objections before the negotiatig begins.
  • The seller can defend their offering price.
  • Most importantly, Pre-Inpsections reduce the risks of nasty renegotiating.

Knowing what is going to be discovered ahead of time is better than avoiding the inevitable.

Why offer a Home Warranty?

  • A Home Warranty can be purchased by the seller as an enticement to buyers and also benefit from the coverage while the home is on the market. Isn't it like a Murphy’s Law, that when we face the major expense of moving, things start to fall apart? Unexpected expenses can be depressing.
  • Like a warm blanket a home warranty can be a source of comfort for both the seller and the buyer. It’s an added benefit that makes the house stand out among the competition.  
  • Also, it is typically requested  by the buyer when a contract is submitted. The average  cost  is between $400-$450 with a $65 deductable for the buyer and $95 for the seller. The warranty can be acquired when listed and then paid for at closing. A warranty for the seller is a 6 month agreement and then is extended to a year when the buyer takes possession.

Making your home the most competitive property on the market gets it sold fast and at the best possible price.