Testimonials | DENISE FRANKLIN

Did you hear?....


I hope that when I have done my job, I have exceeded your expectations, earned your referrals and made life long friendships.

"Denise was incredibly attentive and responsive to everything we needed. 
She is a native and really knows this town!"
                                                                   Brooks and Carol
"Denise,  I truly appreciate all that you and your team have done for my mother. I have never heard of a realtor who does as much as you do for your clients. You and your team get an A+ from both mom and I. In fact, I think your status should be elevated to "Rock Star Realtor". 
                                                                     Amy and Barbara

"Denise Franklin is the most kind and caring person I know.  She genuinely cares about every client.  She always puts others interest before herself and is a true asset to the Real Estate business".

                                                                    Brenda Corey

"Denise Franklin  is in my opinion, the top realtorin all of the Kansas City metro area.  I refer all of my clientsto her with confidence.She will provide them with the epitome of professional service.  Denise is a professional's professional with the perfect personal touch."

                                                                    Randall Rhods, Attorney

"I have known Denise Franklin for over 20 years.  She is a fantastic person-
  • Honest
  • Caring
  • Hardworking
Bottom line= Best agent ever!"
                                                                    David Gerson

"Denise Franklin is a good friend and always goes out of her way for others".

                                                                    Peggy Schafer
"Denise Franklin is a dear friend whom I have known for 8 years.  She is the kind of person who shoveled snow and ice out of my driveway with her sons so that I could take my dying husband to the doctor.  She is caring, considerat, funny and has a beautiful heart."
                                                                      Donna Antin