Are you ready to move? I can help. | DENISE FRANKLIN
For Buyers

Matching buyers to houses is my talent.  I really enjoy the hunt and can usually identify the top house in the first four homes I show. I grew up in Kansas City and I have some knowledge of most areas and I usually have a story to tell. I love Kansas City. I think often people choose an area to live based on where they work or where their kids go to school. I try to help people determine their lifestyle and match an area to their personalities, activities, schools and work.  I try to determine where the familie's life is really happening. Does my client travel to the airport more than once a week? How often do they eat out? Do they want to be near restaurants and entertainment? How long is too long to commute to work? Drive time in Kansas City in rush hour is a piece of cake compared to many other metropolitan areas.

People live very well in Kansas City. I am delighted to hear from out of town buyers that this is such a nice place to live. The variety of neighborhood personalities, the lake communities, terrific schools, golf courses, sports, parks and midwestern hospitality all make this town a great place to call home.

Mobile Marketing is where it's at!  There are so many choices in search engines that buyer's use to look at houses.  For example, Trulia,,  Well, now with so many people using smart phones to simplify thier lives you can now make an "ap" on your cell phone.  Save and easily search for home details while driving through the neighborhoods you like. It's quick and easy and with a touch of a finger I can schedule a showing for you.