Meet Denise..That's Me! | DENISE FRANKLIN
About me……


I was raised here in Kansas City but moved often with my husband after college. I worked in marketing, television and radio, and writing for media. I started my carreer in real estate as a marketing manager for a large team but decided quickly that real estate sales is where I was meant to be. It was a wise decision, because I love my job so much. Helping people make wise real estate decisions, whether buying or selling, is a very satisfying accomplishment.    
Each time my husband and I moved, I hated it. Change was hard for me. Allowing a stranger into my home was always difficult. With each experience, I would ask myself, "If I were a realtor, how would I do things differently?"

We were always fortunate that we made good investments and gained equity with each move. When we returned to Kansas City to raise our two sons, I would meet new people at school and invite them for a tour of Kansas City to show them around. I can’t tell you how many times I was encouraged to get into real estate because of my Kansas City Tours.  Now, I am so glad I did. What sets me apart from other realtors is my consideration of what a big decision it is to buy and sell a home. Throughout the process, I believe each decision is a relief in the level of stress that we go through. The "not knowing" is the toughest part of the process. Once each step is checked off of the list, it gets to be fun.  I try to give my clients my experienced advise and help them make the most informed decisions without a lot of unnecessary pressure.
Questions people need to ask themselves before Making  A Move....

1. Should we move? Maybe there is a great job opportunity, Maybe your family has outgrown your present home. There are plenty of reasons why people move.

2. What can we afford? Consulting with a trusted bank and getting pre-approved for a loan is essential. You cannot write a contract on a home without it.

3. What area suits our family and is in our price range?

4. What type of home? Do we want to have a bedroom on the main floor? Do we want a neighborhood with amenities? Do we want acreage? Do we want a newer house, to build or is an old home a better fit?

5. Where is the best possible location? Whether you have children or not, schools can make a major impact on your real estate investment.

There is no such thing as the perfect house. Even the most carefully custom built house will have something that can be improved on. However, you can’t keep a great listing a secret. No matter the market trends, a ship shape house on a great lot in a great location will get a great price.
When I hunt for buyers, I am looking for location, a good floorplan, curb appeal and price. There are some great houses that just need a little cosmetic work that will be instant equity. I am always looking for a house like this so when a buyer comes along we can pounce. To make a smart real estate investement this is the order for making the best choice-

  1. Location
  2. Floor Plan
  3. Curb Appeal
  4. Price

    You can't change the location of a home unless it is a mobile home.  Changing the floor plan can be extremely expensive.  How the house looks from the curb will always be the first impression.  The condition of the home and the value of comparable properties that sold recently will determine the value of the home.  If the first 3 criteria are optimal than the price is the last consideration.  Everyone wants a "good deal".  The best deal weighs more heavily on location, floor plan and curb appeal. 

I live in south Leawood. I grew up in Waldo and have worked in South Johnson County and West Jackson County. I am licensed in both Kansas and Missouri and take listings from Desoto to Lee’s Summit.

Kansas City is on the verge of a new awakening. Our developing downtown is bringing more and more attention to the great quality of life we enjoy here and I am just the real estate agent to show you and your family the best of what Kansas City has to offer.

Do you want to move? We can help.  
If home is where your story begins....then let us help you find a Best Seller.