Effectively Marketing Your Home | DENISE FRANKLIN
Pricing Your Home

Pricing a home correctly requires a strong knowledge of knowing what has happened in the area surrounding your home. What has sold, expired or is under contract are the factors used to price your home.  In addition, studying the competing homes that are active on the market at the time of listing your home. Research is an important part of a realtor’s job. It’s important to determine why a house recently sold. Identifying if a well maintained home has to compete with a foreclosed property in the neighborhood is another consideration. Expired homes may indicate one of three things:

  1. Was the house not priced correctly?
  2. Was it under- marketed? Good pictures and internet presence is the most important part of marketing your home. Most buyers are searching for homes on the internet. If the pictures are non-existant or blurry then it will be skipped over.
  3. Was the seller un-motivated ?  Declined showings or hard to show houses can impede the sucess of selling a house.  It's a lot to ask for but often necessary that short notice is given for an apointment to show.  Flexibility in allowing showings and always having the house "show ready" are keys to success as much has having great marketing.  Sometimes peoples motivation to move is too low to be negotiable.   


In this changing market, interest rates and home buying incentives are changing daily. All of these nuances can have a great effect on how your home competes in the market. Down payment assistance, construction loans or renovation loans are hard to find. Keeping an eye on interest rates and financing packages are all a part of my job to steer my clients in the direction that will give them the best possible service. Changes in financing can directly affect both the sellers and the buyers.

Being informed is being prepared to succeed.